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Lily Java Foundation

Strengthening women and developing Children

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About Our Foundation

The Lily Java foundation was established in 2016, we have been actively engaging with communities in South Africa and Zimbabwe. While our leader and founder, Lily Java was working and spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus in Zimbabwe, she recognized a need in the community that she could no longer ignore. It was then that she decided to start an organization that would meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community with a special attention dedicated to widows and orphans. Since that time, we have helped numerous widows and orphans with personally tailored assistance that met their specific needs directly. We have set a process in place that would allow us to meet, interview and register different recipients to our roster of countless widows and children. 

We feel so blessed to bring this amazing charity to Lily Java’s hometown of Maryland. Lily moved to Maryland at the young age of 10 from Ethiopia and lived there until she decided to completely dedicate her life to God. It was during the time when she was travelling and doing ministry work that she met her loving husband Prophet Passion Java. She initially would serve under his ministry, but later he would support her in her vision to start the Lily Java Foundation. They couple are known for their powerful teachings and prophetic gifts. Lily Java along with her husband Prophet Passion Java serve as leaders and founders of Kingdom Embassy; a church that has several branches around the world, including in Maryland.

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What We Do

Fight Poverty


The foundation goes out into the community where poverty is most prevalent. It finds ways to attack the issues of each family it helps to end poverty and kill it at its core. See how you can become a helping hand in ending poverty.

Meet the needs of Children


One of our main causes here at Lily Java Foundation is feeding and assisting  children, an issue that touches many lives. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem. See how you can help by reading more or contacting one of our representatives.

Encourage Women


One of the main reasons why the foundation was established was to focus on what we believe is the center of all families; the woman. We work tirelessly to empower and build the women so she is able to support her family. When we encourage the woman, we have succeeded in building a great foundation for a family to succeed.

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