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Lily Java Foundation

Strengthening women and developing Children

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About us

Our Story of Compassion

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Established in 2016 by Lily Java, our foundation reaches communities across South Africa, Zimbabwe, and The United States. Lily's vision emerged while sharing the gospel in Zimbabwe, leading her to create a haven for orphans and widows.

Meet the Founder

A Guiding Force

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Meet Lily Java, a woman of faith, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Her vision and leadership inspire us all to create lasting change.

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The Challenge

A Call To Action

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Zimbabwe's 1.5 million orphaned and vulnerable children face adversity, with many losing parents to HIV/AIDS. We're here to be a lifeline of support.

The Solution

A Sanctuary of Growth

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Lily Java Foundation offers a nurturing home where orphans and widows flourish spiritually, emotionally, and academically, guided by Christ's teachings.

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Our Vision

Strengthening Communities

Through Christ's love, we empower orphans, widows, and communities, fostering growth, resilience, and potential.

Our Mission

Building Futures

We're building an economically self-sufficient village where orphans and widows receive education, healthcare, leadership training, and life skills.

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What We Do

Impact In Action

Fight poverty

We address root causes in impoverished communities, bringing transformation.

Support children

Our focus on feeding and assisting children directly impacts lives.

Empower Women

Strengthening women leads to empowered families and communities.

Join the Movement: Empower Lives

Your contribution drives change. Together, we're transforming challenges into opportunities. Support our mission today.

Be the Change. Ignite Hope. Empower Lives.